Very well put! :3

There’s hardly a character from the show itself I can say I outrightly hate. The occasional character may go a bit far, but gags are gags, and I take them as such, moreso when they work, heh.

I can’t say I’ve ever disliked Morgana, or Darkwing for that matter, and I think that’s thanks to also being completely aware of the personality points you’ve laid out.

For me at least, I’ve glossed over the ‘big inconsistencies’ by thinking, who hasn’t had a day when they “weren’t quite themselves.” Still themselves, but one trait or another is amplified, for lack of a better word.

But, that’s a bit too far of me, it’s clearly just the work of varying scriptwriters trying to be funny and engaging, going for what each thinks would work best in the decent confines of a character’s traits, and succeeding often I should say.

So instead for fun, here’s a list of the writers for her few episodes:

"Fungus Amongus" - Dev Ross

Ghoul of My Dreams" - John Behnke & Rob Humphrey & Jim Peterson

"Just Us Justice Ducks" - Kevin Campbell & Brian Swenlin

"My Valentine Ghoul" - Doug Langdale

"Dead Duck" - Carter Crocker

"Monsters R Us" - Michael Maurer

Hot Spells" - John Behnke & Rob Humphrey & Jim Peterson

"Malice’s Restaurant” - Matt Uitz

It’s funny to note the only guys who wrote for her twice also give her some differences in the two episodes they did.

Just imagine how many more differences there would be if there had been more episodes involving Morgana!

Or maybe I’m just jumping to conclusions, and should really just relax…

WOW! Actually seeing the amount of different writers for each episode makes it even more interesting, because it basically confirms my theory about her inconsistencies!

Now I’m gonna take a gander at all the Negaduck episodes and see who wrote them — so I can kiss their feet, haha.

Disguise the Limit” - Doug Langdale

“Just Us Justice Ducks” - Kevin Campbell & Brian Swenlin

Darkwing Doubloon” - Bruce Reid Schaeffer

“My Valentine Ghoul” - Doug Langdale

The Quiverwing Quack” - Dev Ross

Let’s Get Respectable” - Bruce Reid Schaeffer

Bad Luck Duck” - Michael Maurer

“Malice’s Restaurant” - Matt Uitz

Going Nowhere Fast” - Gary Sperling

Jail Bird” - Doug Langdale & Michael Maurer

Life, the Negaverse and Everything” - Kevin Campbell & Brian Swenlin

The Secret Origins of Darkwing Duck” - Jan Strnad

Negaduck” - Steve Roberts

Done! :D

Anything in italics are similar to the Morgana list.

Funny how Michael Maurer is attached to the three most fantasy-based episodes in the show, xD

On a side note, Jan Strnad was listed as co-story for the pilot, though Jymn Magon was the co-writer. (Only on the VHS though, the DVD credits solely list Tad Stones on both.)

It looks like Doug Langdale and Michael Maurer are responsible for some of my favourite Negaduck episodes! Actually, I met Doug very briefly at SDCC when he stopped by the BOOM! Darkwing Duck booth and Tad was like “IT’S DOUG LANGDALE! He wrote the best Megavolt moments!”

Quite! He’s the brain-box behind the Megsy eps: Inside Binkie’s Brain, “Stressed to Kill”, and “Whirled History”! While those don’t contain all of them, there’s still quite a number of Megavolt lines I could recite from those three alone, heh.

That’s quite brilliant you got to meet him! :D

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DV chat doodles…

Because this is totally how it’d play out if Trevor was the baby-daddy.

Trevor is © Goku-San— who graciously allowed me to scribble some Trevors. ^_^;;

You know they make a cute couple. lol  I love how they’re blaming each other. XD

My NFL fantasy team this year.

I wish I had the money for a .ninja url. 


Today’s doodle session.

Mostly aged Gosalyn, just because I can.

And a few others.

Don’t mind me, I can’t draw Drake for some reason. But I can draw Trevor. -_-; I shame myself.

And Malicia. Cause I always seem to doodle her as a warm up. Damnit.

Yay! Trevor!

Muscle duck cracks me up. 

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I completed the first night of this game after my second try without dying. 

I did a livestream of it. I got a couple of ims on Skype and the DuckVerse so that’s what you’re hearing in the background.

  1. Played Five Nights at Freddy’s
  2. Got murdered by Foxy on the first night at 5 am because apparently I idled too long
  3. Closed game because I’m scared shitless  tired to focus.


I finally figured out something that had been bothering me for years.

Why I hate Morgana Macabre from Darkwing Duck.

I’ve hated her for the longest time, even after I got over my embarrassing crush on Darkwing (I will never live that down, I swear). And now I just figured out…

I do understand the frustration with her character. I too noticed after rewatching the show again that her personality is all over the place.  She’s in nine episodes yet her personality seems to pretty much change from episode from episode. I don’t know if it’s different writers or them experimenting with her character since she went from villain to hero and dating DW so they’re trying to find the right balance or what. I’m wondering had the show gone on longer that maybe they would finally even out her character. 

As for DW. I agree that’s he’s an interesting character because he’s not your typical hero type. The Nostalgic Critic pointed out that Disney hadn’t really done a main character much less a hero like him. Here’s a hero that’s a selfish egotistical jerk who is the main character of the show and the one you’re expecting to be a role model. Usually characters of this personality where the side characters nor heroes. 

This is exactly why he needs characters like Gos and Morgana to keep him down to earth and can handle his strong personality.