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I could listen to this forever and never get bored


Harou, so rude…

Harou’s a jerk like that. Poor Piper.


Was digging around in my old art folder and found some sketches I drew a couple years ago for an unfinished project featuring Mal and Morrigan. Decided to touch them up a little.

omg. So cute. T_T



when you see drama going down in a fandom you aren’t in


This was me during a few particular shitstorms WITHIN my fandom that I stayed out of, but watched the maelstrom from afar.

Same with me. Except in one fandom where I got caught in the cross fire simply for being in some groups on DA that allowed certain art that the forum I was a part of didn’t like. I was guilty by association even though I didn’t like that art either and never posted such work either on their site or DA but apparently what I do outside of their site will still get me banned. 

I felt like I was being stalked and dragged into the petty fandom war. :/


Word Balloon tips and tricks

Hopefully Trevor has it easy when it comes to the mood swings. :P 

 Of course it’s all baby. There’s not a crumb of chocolate in that house.


I have never related to a comic so personally before 

The dvds and the tiny sketchbook terridelgado sent. Mr. Quackers Negs sent is making a cameo.

I want a DW plushie to add to my tiny merch collection I’ve got going. Jim Cummings is apparently comming again next year for a con. I might get these signed if I can’t get a good pic printed out.